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What is Strip & Sealing?

The process of strip and sealing involves removing the current, old sealing coat of your hard floors then applying layers of a new sealant over the top. This will both refresh and add years to the life of the floors.

We can strip and seal hard floor types such as concrete, marble, terrazzo, vinyl, lino and parquetry. These floors are most common in corporate and office spaces. Therefore, if it has been some time since you have maintained your floors, consider strip and sealing services by Versatile. No floor or job is too big for us.

Strip & sealing
Strip & sealing

Why Strip & Sealing Is Important for Your Business

The condition of the floors in your business can say a lot about your organisation, and a simple surface cleaning may not be enough to convey the right image that you desire. At Versatile Cleaning Services, we have the expertise and skills needed to restore your floors and save you the expense of replacing them.

Over time and particularly in high footfall areas, your glossy floors can quickly become dull and lack-lustre. Strip and sealing the floors is a simple way to prevent your commercial property from looking aged and uncared for.

Some other benefits of this process include:

  • The surface will be easier to clean for the day-to-day general maintenance.

  • It creates a barrier of protection to prevent daily scratches from traffic, trolleys and pets.
  • Adds a protective UV layer to prevent fading from the sun rays.
  • Wet weather and water can damage and can increase the chance of mould, causing further wear and tear. Therefore, by strip and sealing the floors, this stops the ongoing damage and can revive it to its original condition.

How Often Should I Have Strip & Sealing Services for My Floors?

Every property is different in terms of the activity and traffic that it receives. Therefore, a few factors that you can consider in understanding when you may be due for a new strip and seal are as follows:

  • The amount of traffic received over the course of the working day

  • The types of chemicals used to clean the floor and how the floor is cleaned. Are the current methods damaging the floor faster compared to other cleaning methods?

  • The layers of sealer applied currently

  • If the previous sealer was applied appropriately and using the correct methods.

If you need an inspection for your floors or would like to know how Versatile Cleaning Services can help revive your floors, feel free to contact us today.

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Why Choose Versatile for Strip & Seal Services

To ensure your hard-flooring surfaces stay in tip-top condition, Versatile Cleaning Services can prepare a bespoke maintenance plan, tailored to your specific needs. Below are some key values of our company that we are proud to have as part of our ongoing processes:

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