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Health & Safety

Versatile takes safety very seriously it is our number 1 focus in everything we do. We are committed to providing our staff with a safe working environment so that everyone that goes to work for us will also return home to their families again.

When onboarding, new staff must first go through the induction process which involves;

  • Extensive training (Equipment, Machine & Chemical handling)
  • Safety briefings, procedures, policies (SWMS, SWI, HSEQ)
  • Site specific training and a demonstration of their daily duties.

They must also always utilise the correct PPE provided for each task & site they will be responsible, which is monitored closely by our team leaders during each shift.

Once they are deemed competent by the team leader, they are then permitted to commence work once a pre-work risk assessment has been completed. Contract managers will then conduct regular audits, toolbox talks & safety briefs at random to ensure the staff are always being reminded about the risks around them, complacency can be deadly.

Versatile will provide all chemicals, equipment & machinery to carry out any task at hand safely & professionally at all times. Our equipment is checked prior to use, machines are serviced, tested & tagged regularly and the operators fully trained & hold the required permits and certification for each job. Versatile holds all required insurances so our clients can have peace of mind that when choosing Versatile everything will always run smoothly.


Whilst our focus is on delivering a great service it is equally important to continually remember to look at the impact our work will have on the environment and what we can do to minimize it.

The Versatile team is very conscious of this and all our work practices comply with Government legislation & Standard codes of practice. Versatile will always work with our clients to adopt new ways to go green ‘where possible’ to reduce our footprint on the environment.


  • Source goods locally to avoid transport costs & reduce greenhouse gas emissions & oil pollution.

  • Purchase in bulk to reduce transport, buying Green seal certified cleaning products where available.

  • Microfibre cloths used to trap germs & remove spoilage from surfaces effectively without using chemicals, additionally, clothes are laundered for reuse saving on wastage also.

  • Use of Battery-operated vacuums to improve efficiency, energy use & indoor air quality.

  • Simple things like turn light off when not in use, limit the amount of water in buckets to 50%, use correct chemical dosage when filling spray bottles.


Versatile manages quality in many ways to ensure high levels of cleaning are always maintained.

We do this through;

  • Supervision of staff in the form of team leaders on every site,  every shift.

  • 24/7 Support via Versatile helpline and your assigned contract manager.

  • Continuous monitoring of KPI’s & scheduled performance meetings with the client.

  • Regular site inspections, with and without the client. (The contract manager will audit on cleaning standards, safety & compliance reporting back to the client as required)

  • Client sign off procedures in place for daily tasks & periodicals.

  • Superior equipment and methodology are utilised across the board for best results.

  • Continual staff training.

  • Educate our staff, make them aware, make them accountable for their own planet and empower them to take the initiative to make the greener choice not only at work but at home too.

Versatile take pride in providing quality cleaning and exceptional customer service to each client with the aim to build long term relationships on trust & reliability.