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Sharps Disposal Services

Used by medical personnel, tattoo businesses and patients, sharps are consistently present in everyday life. To ensure the safety of those involved in the handling of the sharps, correct and safe disposal is necessary. Versatile provide solutions and options for the safe disposal of your needles, syringes, lancets and other injecting equipment. As an important and regulated aspect of your business, it is vital to leave the disposal of your sharps in well-informed and certified personnel such as Versatile Cleaning Services. As a company, we follow a strict Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infection. In times such as these, eliminating the spread of infection could not be more essential. We follow all health care guidelines, ensuring our quality control and protocols are in line with the current legislation.

Sharps Disposal
Sharps Disposal

Why is Safe Disposal of Sharps Important?

As a business operator or manager overseeing a company, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, patients and clients. Therefore, failure to dispose of sharps correctly will pose a serious risk on the health and safety of those handling the sharps. Contact and/or puncture from these sharps may cause the spreading of pathogenic micro-organisms. To further complicate the matter, should a person come into contact with these harmful pathogens, it may have serious and, in some cases, fatal consequences.

Though the correct disposal is the responsibility of the individual handling the sharp, if there are any offending use of sharps seen, Versatile Cleaning Services will be able to report and notify you. This will help you maintain compliance in your business and ensuring the safety of your staff.

What is the Procedure for Disposing of Sharps?

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Sectors & Businesses Versatile Provide Sharps Disposals To

Versatile Cleaning Services have had decades of experience handling, disposing and managing sharps of the following clientele:

  • Hospitals & Doctors

  • Medical Clinics

  • Laboratories

  • Dentists & Dental Practices

  • Councils

  • Chemists

  • Tattoo Parlours

  • Shopping Centres

  • Tertiary Educational Facilities/Research Facilities

  • Beauty Clinics

If your sector or business is or is not listed above, please contact Versatile Cleaning Services to arrange a quote or to receive further information on the correct disposal of your sharps.

Why Choose Versatile Cleaning Services for Your Sharps Disposal

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Our services are backed by years of experience and are highly rated by our clients. If you require more information on the correct procedure on the disposal of your sharps, our experts are only a call away. If you would like to receive a free quote for your company or business today, contact Versatile Cleaning Services.