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Hygiene & Pest Control by Versatile

Pests and vermin can present real issues in the workplace. Our expert technicians can deal with all situations rapidly and efficiently.  We can provide preventive and essential services for the removal of all types of pest and vermin.

Hygiene & Pest Control

Versatile Cleaning Services offers a national pest control service providing effective pest control services for businesses in all sectors across Australia

Whatever the nature of your business, a pest infestation can pose a severe hazard to your business.  Rats and mice present a danger to health whilst damaging carpets and furniture. In some cases, stripping electrical wires. Should your business be involved in the hospitality industry, a rodent infestation can cause lasting harm to your brand reputation, as well as putting your business at risk of being closed for health and safety.

Pigeons are disease vectors that put the health of your staff and customers at risk. Their unpleasant dung ruins the exterior of many businesses and industrial buildings. Fleas and mites are often brought in by staff from domestic pets; these can quickly take hold of office carpets and pose an irritation to staff and visitors. Any infestation can cause an office or business to close down while the situation is addressed.

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Our experienced and highly qualified pest control advisers provide a wide range of services to deal with your infestation

Versatile always aims to carry out our pest control services with the least amount of disruption to your business. We also ensure not to use practices that cause unnecessary suffering to pests, nor to employ toxic chemicals that may be harmful to health or environment. We carry out our work to the highest standards ensuring all infestations are attended to until the situation is resolved.

Versatile Cleaning Services will step in to help safeguard your brand reputation and operations. We provide high levels of risk management.

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Hygiene & Pest Control

Versatile offers pest control services to all commercial and residential properties

Versatile Cleaning Services help to shield your business against a wide variety of pests. We offer our services across Australia to commercial properties including hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, shopping centres, offices and industrial premises.

Whether it’s just a couple of mice, fouling from nuisance birds or an absolute infestation, our pest management programmes assist your business in meeting rigorous standards for health, safety, and cleanliness. Ultimately, helping to safeguard your reputation. With many industries requiring a ‘zero tolerance’ to pests, our removal and control programmes are designed to defend your company and your clients from pest connected problems.

If you feel you have pest issues or simply require some advice on how we can help you resolve the problem, please feel free to pick up the phone and speak to one of our skills advisers. We are ready and willing to help your business through this challenging time.