Maintaining a clean office is extremely important. It shows that the company cares about the quality and health of its employees. A clean office also reduces the risk of illness, since there are many people in close proximity, germs are more likely to build up and can spread easily throughout the office.

Keeping the office clean can sometimes be a challenging task. However, there are different options that make cleaning a little easier for the company. For example, professional office cleaning services are a great option to help maintain a clean office.

A clean office can provide many benefits to the office members and the different equipment. A workspace that is clean often leads to fewer sick days of employees, improved concentration, less stress, more motivation, and keeps the tools or equipment in high-quality shape.

Window Cleaning

Windows are crucial to every building, they give light and ventilation and provide a viewing area. Dirt and grime can build up on windows and create an unappealing impression on anyone who visits.

Having properly cleaned windows comes with many benefits for the building and employees. Members of the office can experience reduced allergies, improved moods, be more productive and make the windows long-lasting.

There are many ways to keep the window clean and prevent a dirty appearance. The most common way is to clean it yourself, however by doing that sometimes the windows aren’t cleaned to the standard they need to be. This is where a professional company can come in and handle the cleaning that is needed. The professionals will ensure that the windows are cleaned and will provide a positive first impression and healthy space.

Carpet Cleaning

Since cleanliness in the workplace is crucial, it’s important to take care of areas that are often overlooked. The carpets in offices receive a high amount of traffic and withstand spills and messes. It’s important to hire professionals to keep the carpets clean and healthy. Regular carpet cleaning helps extract the dust, dirt, germs from the carpet thoroughly, which also protects the floor from being damaged underneath.

Having clean carpets come with many benefits, they showcase the cleanliness and the hygiene levels of the workspace. Most people make first impressions of a company based on what they see first. Carpet is one of the most first seen areas of an office. When they maintain a clean look, they catch the attention of visitors and can be a positive representative of the company.

Clean carpets can make the office more inviting and leave a powerful impression on clients and visitors. There are different ways to maintain a clean area such as stain or spot cleaning when a mess happens, clean with a vacuum regularly or the most effective choice which is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Light Fixtures

Cleaning the light fixtures can lead to better lighting and a sanitary office environment.

Inside of the light fixtures, there are usually mites, mold, bacteria, dust, and other pollutants that are found which are extremely harmful to those who are present in the building. Dirt and dust have often broken down the surface and create rust and cause the light fixture itself and the lens to rot.

It’s important to know the dangers of cleaning light fixtures and the precautions to take when cleaning them on your own. One of the most common dangers when cleaning office lights is they are usually suspended high and could be a fall risk. Having them done professionally will ensure they did the job correctly and everyone is safe.

Disinfect and Sanitize

Germs are a part of everyday life, some are helpful and others are harmful and cause diseases. In a workplace where there are many employees and visitors present, it’s important to properly remove the germs to avoid germs from spreading.

Disinfecting the workplace involves using chemicals to kill the germs on surfaces and objects. The most common disinfectants are bleach and alcohol solutions. Sanitizing lowers the number of germs to a safer level. By using either of these, the risk of spreading infection is low.

Ways to imply disinfection and sanitizing into the workplace can be done with simple tasks and routines. For example, regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces like door handles, countertops, and shared equipment will limit the germs after each use. Another simple way is to make sure that every person is properly washing their hands after the restroom and whenever they touch shared objects.

Restroom Cleaning

Clean restrooms in the workplace have a positive impact on the staff and visitors. When visiting the restroom, most people associate the cleanliness of a restroom with a positive company and it makes a good first impression. The restroom should be constantly checked and approved to be up to a cleanliness standard. When potential clients visit the restroom, they could be more likely to choose your company over anyone else.

The best way to limit germs and messes within the restrooms is to practice disinfecting after every use. A common way to eliminate germs and maintain clean services is to use disinfectant wipes. Scheduling routine restroom cleaning with a properly experienced company will ensure that they efficiently cleaned the restroom, and it’s germ-free.

Frequently Dust

Dusting is an activity that once it’s done, has to be done all over again because of the amount of dust and dirt that can enter the area constantly. A well dusted office building helps owners leave a great first impression. Keeping the common areas dust-free will cause fewer employees to be sick or experiencing allergies.

When proper dusting is not done, the dust and dirt buildup and can stain furniture or carpet, and cause a dirty film on glass surfaces like windows and mirrors. A significant investment would be to have air purifiers in the office. They trap the dirt and dust particles that can cause health problems.

Clean Electronics

In every office there are different electronics, it’s important to keep them clean and set up a weekly routine. It’s extremely beneficial to the health of staff to keep the most commonly touched electronics such as keyboards, printers, and computer monitors in top condition to prevent any germs from spreading.

Maintaining clean electronics is also beneficial to their quality and lifespan. If they are properly cleaned and maintained, less work to fix them will be required. Electronics that are constantly being used can get worn out easily if not properly taken care of.


Having a clutter-filled office space can feel stressful and unmotivating. It can also lead to less productivity and distractions in the workplace. When working in an office, it’s common for miscellaneous things to accumulate and pile up.

A noticeable effect of fresh and cluttered office space is the increase in productivity and moods of employees. Having clutter can be stressful, and lead to staff being unhappy and stressed out to where their work can not be completed.

After having the workspace decluttered of paper, office supplies, trash, etc. the mood and productivity level of the office will increase. Employees will focus on their work and be less stressed, which will also improve the health of employees.


Having a proper organization method can reduce the frustration of having to search for items and makes an efficient system for the rest of the company. Since employees share workspaces with other people, it’s important to create an area that is labeled and easily accessible to understand the organization’s methods.

By keeping an efficient organizational system, everyone in the office will save time and have less stress. This will benefit everyone by increasing the work productivity and allow for time working compared to spending hours trying to find paperwork or other things that got misplaced.

Proper Disposal Bins

Every office has different types of waste, it’s inevitable to become waste-free. With a company, there are tons of paperwork, packaging, and trash that are always around. Managing the waste is important to maintain a clean area.

A way to limit the different waste and start being organized is to introduce different waste bins such as separate bins for plastics, food items, paper, and other subcategories depending on the company.

When having different disposal bins, it’s important to keep them clean as well. When waste is constantly thrown into them, they can get dirty and smelly quickly. Using a disinfectant spray and a germ-killing spray is recommended to keep the grime and germs away.

Use Proper Storage

When items don’t have a proper place to be put away, clutter and stress can happen. Items like pens, paperclips, makers, etc. are crucial to every office and need their own space so they can be easily accessible for everyone to use.

Filing cabinets or a different type of organization such as shelves, bookcases, can do a great job at organizing any files or paperwork that is shared with office employees. Labeling each organization drawer or shelf and designating certain areas for specific files and paperwork will make everything easier to find when needed.

Hire Professionals Office Cleaning Service

Most business owners consider hiring a cleaning service, they are a substantial investment for the company. Hiring a company for your office cleaning ensures that your space is cleaned by experienced professionals. However, sometimes you still need to do routine checking and guiding on the cleaning crew and making sure it’s properly maintained. This is a time-consuming and stressful task. It often can take away time from focusing on work and being present with staff.

At Versatile, we can handle the office cleaning and ensure you never have to worry about the health of your workspace or employees. We have our own supervisor assigned to your site so that you are ensured with satisfaction. To ensure that the Integrated Quality Management System is operating effectively, Versatile Property Services conduct independent external and internal audits Monthly.